Introduction To Pastel Painting
Pastel Society Of America, NYC
On-going Class

You will need both hard and soft pastels.
Hard pastels - Get largest box you can afford
Box of 120+ NUpastels, (these are hard pastels) Sharpened to point using Exacto knife
Richeson Semi–Hard Square Pastels.
Sharpened to point using Exacto knife

Soft Pastels - You will need at least one of the boxes below. Soft pastels are placed over the hard pastels on the paper and are more vibrant and intense in color Don't buy any other brands that say 'soft', these tend to be low quality pastels.

An excellent beginner set is Sennelier 80 Half Sticks, Pastel Boxed Set (about $75)
Sennelier Soft Pastel - Set of 120 Half Sticks, - Paris Collection
The half sticks are more versatile and stronger than the full length

Additional Pastels
Diane Townsend pastels - Warm (yellow) & cool (blue) Whites
Thin line: DSC01068 - Thin line set of 16 Red set TLRED16

Terry Ludwig - make great reds and a wide variety of colors
30 Intense Darks are a good choice

These are useful for small details and the initial drawing
Charcoal pencil in HB and Sepia
Cretacolor Pastel Pencils (Set of 12 or 24)
Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils Set of 12 or 24
Caran D'ache Pencils set of 12 or 24

Paper and grounds
Sketch pad 9 x12 inches or larger. Ring binder ones are easier to use

Sennelier La Carte Pastel Paper or card Pads,
12 x 16 inches
Sennelier La Carte Pastel Paper 19 x 25 inches and cut in half to get two 19 x 13 inches pieces
Art Spectrum paper in grey or similar medium value, any size

If you want to experiment with different pre-mixed grounds on different surfaces try Golden Pastel Ground, Art Spectrum Colourfix!" Primer (a little more gritter) and apply to any of the following surfaces
Watercolor paper (hot or cold press - stretch it first)
Canvas, Linen, or Wood

Easels are provided

Paper towels
Apron or protective clothing
2 sheets of white foam core 19" x 20" or larger, one will be used as your drawing board, the other protects your work
One 24 x 8 inches piece of card folded in half along the long edge, this will catch the pastel
Artists drafting tape. Note; artist's drafting tape removes easier
Exacto knife and blade
Chamois leather - used for blending 4 x 4 inches or smaller
STAEDTLER® Mars® plastic eraser
Knitting needle or 12 inch straight edge, for measuring
Ruler at least 12 - 24 inches
Non glass Water container
Glassine Paper big enough to cover your work
This translucent paper with a Neutral pH is essential for covering and protecting your pastels when you take them home or store them
Picture Perfect "Three in One Plus" View Finder, available at:

If you have sensitive skin or dust allergies you should wear:
Nitrile or latex gloves, these are available at: see
Some people prefer finger cots, these can be obtained at pharmacies
Apron or jacket

Box to transport your pastels
If you have many pastels, it's best to organize them into a box or boxes.

Or, divide your pastels up in to the following six box collections: dark warm, light warm, dark cool, light cool. Place whites and blacks in two additional boxes. Add rice to the boxes, this will help cushion the pastels and keep them clean.

We will not be using fixative, so do not bring any

Art Stores

New York Central Art Supply
62 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10003-5597
(212) 477-0400
Subway: (6) Astor Place

Utrecht Art Supply Center
111 4th Avenue, New York
(212) 777-5353
Subway: (4,5,6,L,N,R,W,Q) Union Square

Blick Art Materials
1-5 Bond Street, New York
(212) 533-2444
Subway: (6) Bleecker Street

Dakota Pastels

Here is a list of hard to soft pastels

video about Diane Townsend pastels: